Saturday is Rielle Hunter’s 46th birthday and Hunter’s recent interview with GQ gave readers a chance to peer into the mistress of John Edwards’ many versions of the truth. We examine many of the statements Hunter made. Were they truthful? Let’s find out.



A reality check is probably something that the mother of John Edwards’ love child, Frances Quinn, would agree is a good thing.

John Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter, has come back into the public eye.

And boy, did the public ever get an eyeful.

Hunter did double duty this week in a GQ exclusive interview, Hello America, My Name is Rielle Hunter: readers not only got a bellyful of who Rielle Hunter says she is, but also got an eyeful of a pantless Hunter frolicking about on a bed. The pix showed Rielle and her fan-blown hair using pearls, her daughter’s toys and even little Frances Quinn as props–and little else.

The pearls were a nice touch for the former and current child of privilege.

The interview is a two-fer: a look at Hunter in her own words; and, another look at the pix that Hunter later told Barbara Walters “caused her to cry for two hours” after seeing them.

Gotta love a two-fer.

Previously, her nemesis, The National Enquirer, had reported that she had asked “Johnny” Edwards for almost $18,000 a month for child support.

From the look of the GQ pix, not much of that money has been spent on her clothing budget.

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In honor of Rielle Hunter’s birthday–the mistress turns 46 on Saturday, March 20–we’ve decided to take a look at her statements in the GQ interview to see if we could find 46 “Rielle Tall Tales.” After all, “truthteller” Hunter is on the record with several statements–of which almost every sentence is a fairy tale.

How many versions of the Rielle truth will we find? Will we actually get to 46?

Let’s find out.



1. I could have cashed out big. But that’s not what I’m about.

“Could have cashed out big, but that’s not what I’m about?!?” I guess garnering somewhere between $10,000/month (what Edwards originally offered her) and almost $18,000/month (what Hunter requested) in child support isn’t cashing out big.

A lot of single mothers–with no other visible means of support and some rusty job skills (Hunter hasn’t worked outside of her “Johnny gig” for over four years)–would consider $120,000-205,000/year “cashing out.”

2. He’s very supportive of me talking now. He [Johnny] believes that it’s something that will help me be at peace with it. And he knows how important truth is to me. Factual truth as well as spiritual truth.

We all know how important the truth is to Rielle Hunter. Here’s Hunter’s statement released on October 11, 2007.

“The innuendoes and lies that have appeared on the internet and in the National Enquirer concerning John Edwards are not true, completely unfounded and ridiculous.

My video production company was hired by the Edwards camp on a 6 month contract, which we completed December 31, 2006.

When working for the Edwards camp, my conduct as well as the conduct of my entire team was completely professional.

This concocted story is just dirty politics and I want no part of it.”

The second sentence in the statement is arguably the truth–we’re not sure, because Newsweek’s Jonathan Darman reported in August 2008 that Hunter had told him that she was fired from the campaign by Elizabeth Edwards. That’s certainly one way of “completing” a contract.

The rest is a complete fabrication.

Unless Hunter classifies the making of a sex tape (which she herself in her court documents insists was made during September 2006) starring Edwards and herself as “completely professional” conduct.

3. I met him on a street corner. [laughs] A lot has been written that I met him inside the Regency [hotel in New York City], that I walked over to his table. That is all 100 percent fiction.

Let’s see, we have former Edwards’ aide Josh Brumberger’s account, which contradicts Hunter. As does Andrew Young’s account, which he says he learned from Hunter, which contradicts Rielle’s GQ version of events. Oh, and Jonathan Darman’s December 2006 account of their meeting, which he presumably got from Hunter herself when the two were flying about on the campaign plane in July 2006. And Darman again in 2008. That’s three (we’ll only count Darman as one) right off the bat–but wait, there’s more!

There’s Hunter herself, from this February 2007 interview with Extra:

“He was in a business meeting in New York and I was in the same place.”

Unless Edwards was holding his business meeting on the street corner–after all, Edwards did run as on a poverty platform–her latest account doesn’t jive.

That makes it four-to-one against Hunter’s GQ spin. So do we believe Hunter 2007’s account–or Hunter’s latest version? We have more sources who say “met in bar,” but we don’t need them here. Still, we’ll let the readers decide.

4. Did you know who he [Edwards] was? I did not know who he was.

Even Lisa DePaulo, the GQ interviewer finds this a bit hard to swallow. So she tries again.

I did not. The John Edwards I saw in 2004 on TV I believed to be a disconnected, two-dimensional-geek kind of guy. And the man sitting across the room was not that at all.

Ohhhh. Rielle didn’t know the “real” John Edwards. I guess that’s what she was talking about.

5. Why do you think he loves you?
Um… How do I answer that? [long pause] I mean, I could give so many answers. I could give a spiritual answer, that I reflect back to him large parts of himself that were unconscious. Like, he’s a huge, huge humanitarian. He is very kindhearted and sweet. He’s very honest and truthful. And all of that was hidden.

The part about Edwards being honest and truthful? It was especially well-hidden. Buried, actually.

It remains hidden to this day–except whenever “Johnny” is forced by events beyond his control to admit to something else about the affair and cover-up.

One. Word. At. A. Time. Whenever. Someone. Nails. Him. On. Something.

The greatest thing about being a New Age solipsist chick is that there’s so many neat ways to dress up “denial.” It’s almost like a game.

Playing hide-and-seek with the truth.

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by Mondo Frazier
Source: Rielle Hunter GQ Interview: The Many Versions of the Rielle Truth

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