Blogging From Phoenix- President Elect Barack Obama continues to puzzle progressive liberals with his selection of neo-conservative evangelical pastor Rick Warren to offer the invocation at his inauguration. The man republicans tagged as the most liberal member of the United States Senate, Has been delighting the opposition with his cabinet choices and the selection of the controversial anti-gay neoconservative pastor to offer the invocation is seen as a serious insult to the gay community.

Cable pundits, in particular MSNBC hard ball host Chris Matthews is beginning to sound redundant in his defense of the President Elects choices, with the observation it’s really a political strategy, on the President Elects part to appoint center right so he can govern center left.

 I continue to agree for now, with those who insist, the new President is attempting to implement his campaign promise to change the way things get done in Washington, which includes reaching out to the right, and letting a gay basher like Rick Warren offer the invocation, is about the most substantive symbolic example President Obama could make in his pledge to listen to all voices. One of the most difficult parts of being a civil libertarian, is actually putting into practice the admonition, when your side is in power, those who hate you the most, deserve a voice and opportunity to convince the crowd you ought to be burned at the stake.

Pastor Warren does share the same passive aggressive approach of other evangelical neoconservative Christians towards gay people and lies outright when it suites his political agenda, But what the gay community should base its opinion of the Obama administration on, is whether the President Elect returns the Nation to a Rule of Law and restores civil liberty for all American’s.

Rick Warren is very popular and influential, unlike most Mega-church leaders, he actually puts much of the cash he cultivates back into the community. And it should be pointed out when Mr. Obama was a long shot hope for the white house; Pastor Warren invited him to speak at saddleback church.

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