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I am going to fast forward a few decades. Rick has faced some health problems, and although he loves to perform, the grueling grind of being on the road is no longer his favorite thing.

Rick does however have incredibly musical children, they are all notable, but when it comes to keyboards the one that catches my attention is Oliver Wakeman. Oliver not only looks like his dad, he plays, composes and thinks like his dad.

Prog Rock is dead, the idiots say. Not so fast! Yes Prog Rock has changed, it no longer fills Football Stadiums, But it is alive and well. It may come as a bit of a surprise to some, but Prog Rock is very much alive and well.

Coming To Town is a prime example. I have to admit that the center for prog is no longer England, instead, it has found a great home in Katowice, Poland. Hell, it does not matter where it is, as long as it is somewhere. There are great bands moving Prog into the next generation, The Oliver Wakeman Band, Neo, and Pendragon are but a few.

I mentioned earlier that Oliver Wakeman had followed in his fathers footsteps, but few understand just how closely.

Rick Wakeman cut his ‘baby teeth’ with Dave Cousins and The Strawbs. Almost four decades later who does Dave invite to join his band? Oliver Wakeman!

Yes want to do a tour, Rick Wakeman is not willing or not able, who do they invite? Oliver Wakeman!

Of course it is one thing playing ‘covers’ of your dads music, which incidentally he does very well, and entirely a different world creating your own.

I find it unlikely that any person that enjoys Prog Rock would pick fault with Oliver Wakeman.  Check out Coming To Town.  I also had the pleasure of interviewing Oliver a while ago. You can read the article here.

In someways watching Oliver play take me back in time. He looks like his dad, he plays like his dad, he has the creative genius of his dad. The only real difference is the number of Keyboards on stage. Oliver makes do with a frugal 5 or 6. Rick prefers a few more!

Prog ROCKS! And prog rocks because of people like Rick Wakeman and his son Oliver Wakeman.

In part three I am going to explore the world of Rick Wakeman and The Strawbs. It is a great story, and one with some of the best music ever made. From The Witchwood is still my favorite album of all time.

Simon Barrett

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