Rick is right up there with the best. To say he is a little outside the mainstream hardly does justice, Rick is basically Bat S!%T crazy! But maybe that is his charm. Rick doesn’t let sense get in his way. Crazy projects are his very lifeblood.

It was several years ago that I first encountered him, he released a book Kill The Rich. You can find my review here. Since then Rick has embarked on a number of other projects, I think it is fair to say that I take comfort in the fact that 2000 miles and a border keeps us apart. In 2012 (I think) he set up camp in Banff, Alberta and waged a campaign to save some species of animal, the details are hazy, but I seem to recall that he got thrown out of town.

Rick tends to go quiet for months, then he pops up in my Email with his latest and greatest idea. Two days ago he told me about his latest venture. This one is so odd that I have to share it. Canada has a web site that is somewhere between eBay and Craigslist called Kijiji.

His latest project concerns ladies underwear. The text reads:

For $50 I come to your house and paint a poem on your panties (filled or empty)
1 pair per household. Void where prohibited. Nulled when voided. Lulled when sleepy.

This has to be the strangest Rick The Poet Warrior project to date. You can read the advert here.

Simon Barrett

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