The GOP establishment has apparently selected a party insider to wage its battle against President Barack Obama’s attempt to reform America’s health-care industry. Neo conservative activist and reputed fraudster Rick Scott, former president George W. Bush’s partner in the ownership of the Texas rangers, recently established conservatives for patient’s rights as the rights response to the Obama administrations announced health-care initiatives.

Making health-care affordable and available to all American’s was one of President Obama’s principle campaign pledges.    

In view of the P.R. firm it’s hired, Texas based C.R.C, it would seem Mr. Scott and C.P.R intend to wage a swift boat style media campaign against the administrations call for reform of the Nation’s health-care industry. Political pundits credit C.R.C’s swift boat campaign ads against John Kerry as one of the pivotal reason the democratic nominee lost the 2004 election. Senator Kerry, a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran and recipient of medals only awarded for bravery, courage and heroism in battle was portrayed in the C.R.C commercials has a coward and ally of the enemy.

Because the claims in the C.R.C commercials were considered so outrageous and preposterous, the Kerry campaign initially declined to comment or run counter ad’s, which allowed the message to take root in the electorate.

Mr. Scott, a lawyer by trade, served for a time as CEO of Columbia/HCA and under business dealings many questioned at the time as shady, it quickly morphed into the Nation’s largest hospital chain, till his own board booted him amidst a growing Medicare investigation. The federal probe eventually exposed massive corporate fraud and malfeasance so staggering; to avoid criminal prosecution Columbia/HCA agreed to pay a billion dollar fine, the largest sanction ever imposed allowing Columbia/HCA and its former CEO to escape facing criminal charges.

In announcing his bid to engage in a non-partisan reform of health-care cost, President Obama is being joined by representatives of the health-care industry, which creates a political impediment for republicans who want to avoid the risk of offending big corporate campaign contributors, while at the same time continuing to level criticism at the President to satisfy their ever shrinking base of rank and file supporters.

Selecting Scott who is not an elected official to wage a straw man campaign against health-care reform is seen as a way to continue smearing the President, without attacking insurance and business interest who share the President’s concern that rising health-care costs pose a serious threat to continued economic recovery. Liberal’s for the most part think the choice of Scott and C.R.C, is another example of a GOP that stubbornly continues to draw on tactics that prove counterproductive and drive the party even further  into the political wilderness and toward the edge of dissolution and irrelevance in the nation’s political dialogue.

A youtube Video exposure of Scott can viewed here

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