On Friday Rick Sanchez got his walking papers from CNN, Rick was the anchor of the 4pm-6pm slot. This is very much a coverted piece of real estate. It is too early to be classed as ‘prime time’ but there are few people that are in the news biz that would turn their nose up at this slot!

His firing had nothing to do with his excellent CNN program, it was as a result of him being lured onto a SiriusXM program. For months John Stewart has goaded Sanchez on the Daily Show. In what can be only viewed as stupidity, Rick Sanchez lost his job because of an interview on a channel other than CNN where he made the observation that John Stewart is a bigot.

I may not agree with all of Rick Sanchez’ comments, they did come from a man that was being rapidly put in a corner. Human nature makes you fight back. Rick was just fighting back.

This chapter is nothing more than another example of a well meaning person saying what is on his mind. When did that become a problem?

CNN’s sister station HLN seems to revel in personal rhetoric, why not fire the evil twins of Jane Valez- Mitchel and Nancy Grace? They seem to spend most of their time accusing people of far worse crimes than bigotry. In fact on November 1 Nancy Grace will be spending her day in a court room, she stands accused of causing a young lady to take her own life. Murder by media?

Actually the person that deserves the pink slip is the idiot at SiriusXM that put Rick Sanchez behind the 8 ball, and that would be Pete Dominic.

Destroying careers for ratings is alas an all too common story these days. I hope that Pete Dominic is pleased with himself. But I suspect that this will be a hollow victory, enjoy the 15 minutes of fame while you can.

Rick Sanchez is a man of integrity, he will bounce back!

CNN made a huge mistake in this decision.

Simon Barrett

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