The name Richard Grund will be a familiar one to everybody that followed the Casey Anthony investigation and trial. Richard is the father of Casey Anthony’s ex-fiancée.

Wishing to cash in on the Casey Anthony story in October/2009 the National Enquirer ran one of there famous exposes. They postulated that Caylee Anthony had been the victim of a satanic ritual carried out by Richard Grund. Anyone that knows Richard also knows that this is the most ridiculous claim imaginable. The Grund’s were the only bright light in the whole misery known as the Anthony family.

My sources are telling me that a law suit was filed in southern Florida on Friday, and that the National Enquirer was served later on the day. It seeks unspecified damages, but I’ll bet it’s a substantial amount.

The National Enquirer are of course well used to law suits so it will be interesting to see where this case goes.

UPDATE: I spoke briefly with Richard Grund’s attorney Doug Roberts and he confirms that a Defamation law suit was indeed filed and served last friday over an article published on Oct/12 2009 by the National Enquirer.

More information when it becomes available.

Simon Barrett

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