It is a pretty close match to get the title of ‘most hated organization’ and the RIAA and the MPAA are pretty damn similar in user perception. One would imagine that if you are high profile, and the number of enemies that you have far out weigh the number of friends, you would tend to be careful about your security. These doyens of the copyright business have threatened thousands of people (mostly students) with law suits, as a result many people have caved in, and sent a payment of $3000 and a signed admission that they are sorry, and won’t do it again!

One would think that the organization that is all over the P2P world, in fact they employ Private Investigating Companies and high technology software that they are unwilling to talk about, would consider their Web page a bit of a target! Apparently the RIAA felt that while the rest of us needed security, they did not!

In a priceless ‘hack’ someone got in and deleted the entire content of the site! While I do not agree with media piracy, this group is so ridiculous, it looks good on them! I work with many musicians, most small, but a few large fish as well, and I have yet to talk to a single one that gives the RIAA any credibility whatsoever. I have also yet to talk to one that has received a payment as a result of a RIAA litigation. what do you do with the $3000? Make the next payment on your BMW?

I have tried to get an interview with this group, however my requests have gone astray. Lets face it, why would they want to talk to me, all I am going to do is ask awkward questions! As it stands they get a steady income stream from threatening people. There is no reason to pick up the phone and talk to me.

Oh, it was a cute hack, as this link reveals.

Simon Barrett

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