The only case that our friends at the RIAA have won so far in their quest to stop music piracy is now about to take an interesting new twist.

Last year, Jammie Thomas became the poster child for the RIAA, the person that in their opinion was lower than a snakes belly. For ‘file sharing’ something like 24 songs a federal judge ordered her to pay more than $220,0000. This was heralded as a huge victory by the RIAA, and a huge threat to any miscreant that ‘shared’ their music with their friends. When the ruling came down most people were incredulous.

Jamie was slapped with a bill that was more than 13,000 times more than the cost of the product she supposedly pirated.
Yet when the shoe is on the other foot as in the case  Bridgeport v. Justin Combs  the RIAA have a completely different view, when they got caught ‘borrowing’ music, and were found guilty, they were hit with a $150,000 fine  UMG pointed out that the award in question was “approximately 10 to 1, far above the line of unconstitutional impropriety.”

Hmm, Houston we have a problem!

There seems to be a big disparity between the giving and the receiving.

Well the tides may well be changing. The big win over Jamie Thomas looks like it is heading back to the courts. The judge involved seems to have had a change of heart, Michael Davis, said he made a “manifest error of law”. This could result in a huge setback for the RIAA.

I am sure that the BMW driving lawyers that the RIAA employ like this information about as much as a dose of the clap!

A new trial for Jamie is in the making, and you can guarantee that the result the second time around will be far different.
The RIAA have been skating on some pretty thin ice for a while, their so called ‘experts’ have been discredited, the investigative methods boarder on the inane, and the tactics used to intimidate their victims are nothing short of shocking.
If this case goes back to court the employees of the RIAA should probably think about updating their resumes. I hear Amway are looking for some more sales reps! Oh and the lawyers involved, Burger King are hiring!

Simon Barrett

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