REXANO Editorial Press,

Las Vegas, NV (12/4/2007) — In response to a December 3rd, 2007 tiger attack on a worker at her Shambala preserve, Tippi Hedren, known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds’, was quoted in LA Times: ““It’s a terrible, terrible thing that has happened,” Hedren said, adding that many of the tigers in her sanctuary come from abused backgrounds. “Who knows what happened to this tiger?It isn’t the tiger’s fault. It is the fault of the people breeding these animals in the first place that leads them to be here.””

Miss Hedren is well known for being on the front lines to push for legislation and bans on private exotic animal ownership, while sanctuaries like hers are exempted from the very legislation she is pushing for.
“This kind of hypocritical attitude is always a red flag in what is supposed to be a fair and democratic US political system.” says Zuzana Kukol, a Las Vegas big cat trainer and co-founder of REXANO. “The tiger ‘Alexander’ arrived to Shambala as a very young cub from another federally and state licensed California facility which was shut down.
If Miss Hedren is wondering what happened to this tiger, she should have all the answers, since the tiger was raised at her facility from a tiny baby. Hedren needs to take full responsibility instead of shifting the blame on breeders and pet owners who have no saying in what kind of safety protocols are applied at her Shambala center.”

“In the USA, only one person dies per year as a result of attacks by captive big cats, 1.5 by captive reptiles, 0.81 by captive elephant, 0.125 by captive bear and 0 by captive non-human primate. In comparison, 45,000 people die each year in traffic accidents, 47 by lightning, and 1,600 by falling from stairs. We have detailed information on our website about our ongoing fight against uninformed legislators and animal rights (AR) activists,” says Scott Shoemaker, a co-founder of REXANO, a free web resource that provides tools and statistics-based research material to private owners of exotics to fight unfair legislation. Statistical analysis of the data disproves the claim that exotic animals in captivity are a threat to public safety.

REXANO is committed to protecting the rights of animal owners and supports responsible private ownership of exotic animals in any form, be it non-commercial pet or sanctuary, as well as commercial breeder or exhibitor.

Like most US captive big cat related accidents, be it private pet or zoo or sanctuary, the general public was never at risk, since majority of incidents happen to owners, handlers and trainers.
“This type of sensationalized but relatively rare incident is an occupational hazard accepted by animal trainers, handlers, keepers, NASCAR drivers, military personnel, police, Alaska fishermen, firefighters and many others,” says Zuzana Kukol.

“Most of the wild habitat is disappearing. The only chance to save many animals such as tigers from extinction is captive breeding in the private sector, which has the majority of available habitat,” says Scott Shoemaker “Since at least 1990, there has not been one death as a result of a captive big cat or reptile roaming at large.”

“Even people who don’t own animals should realize that every time a new law is passed, the government powers and bureaucracy grow and our personal freedoms shrink,” warns Kukol.

Ohio Association of Animal Owners has been in the forefront of the battle against radical animal “rights” legislation in the state of Ohio since early 1990.   “Animals are personal property. We oppose legislation that restricts the private ownership or use of animals, or that inhibits free trade of any animal provided it meets Ohio Department of Agriculture testing and import requirements,” says Polly Britton, Secretary of the OAAO,

“As long as animal welfare and public safety laws are followed, the private ownership of all animals should be protected in the USA,” says Shoemaker.
REXANO hopes this incident will not be exploited and used to push the agenda of  further prohibiting private exotic animals ownership in our society.

Rexano wishes a speedy recovery to the injured worker, Chris Orr.

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