REXANO press editorial 

Las Vegas, NV (June 3, 2007)—A week after Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership ( urged Microsoft Corporation to reconsider their financial support for the animal-rights (AR) group, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) thru their new Microsoft Windows Live Messenger “i’m”  initiative, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) also urged Microsoft to end its support of HSUS, but the company refused.

According to this nation’s leading sportsmen’s advocacy organization ( May 31, 2007 press release, “Microsoft is going to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars, probably more, into an organization that recently issued a manifesto that targets hunting for extinction,” said USSA President Bud Pidgeon. “If there was ever a time for sportsmen to take grassroots action, this is it.”

“In today’s busy world we need to be careful about picking our fights, but this cause is definitely worth fighting for” says Scott Shoemaker, REXANO co-founder.

Microsoft, historically being the one accused of predatory and monopolistic practices, is used being in a hot seat, but they might need some serious fire proofing in this case.

“I sure wouldn’t want to be in their position right now, having catty exotic animal owners and a group of well armed citizens with great aim angry at them” jokes Zuzana Kukol, a Nevada big cat trainer and REXANO co-founder.  

HSUS is an AR group that many confuse with local ‘Humane society’ shelters; however, Humane Society of United States is not affiliated with any of them. They are a powerful well funded AR group, who instead of helping shelters and animals directly, works hard on eventually removing not only hunters’ rights, but all animal use, including removing pets from our homes, meat from our tables, leather goods from our closets and animals from zoos and circuses.

By being one of ten MS “i’m” beneficiaries, whenever a Windows Live Messenger uses i’m, Microsoft will give a percentage of the program’s advertising revenue to HSUS.

”We find it disappointing that MS would partner with AR group instead of finding a more deserving and needy animal welfare organization that actually helps animals.” adds Shoemaker.

According to HSUS’s 2005 income statement, their Total Revenue was $124,891,122, Net Assets $200,058,734 and President, CEO‘s Wayne Pacelle salary $203,231.

“After reading politically correct response by HSUS Executive VP Michael Markarian to USSA’s release, I had to check his credentials” says Kukol.

According to HSUS website “Markarian has a master’s degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Maryland, and he is a graduate of the University of Missouri’s National Animal Cruelty Investigations School.”

“I guess his writing is decent for a literature major. The MO cruelty school is really a week long class anybody who pays few hundred dollars can take. What I want to know: what if any hands on experience does this white collar job “salary paid” HSUS man have with animals to profess to be an expert on animal welfare and preach to people like us, who are hands on and  in the field of animal care and use?” asks Kukol.

“I hope other animal groups from commercial farmers to pet owners will recognize the dangers of our common enemy, extreme animal rights groups, and join our fight and contact Microsoft” adds Shoemaker.

To contact Microsoft and complain about its financial support of HSUS write to: Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft, 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052. PH: (425) 882-8080. FAX: (425) 936-7329

One of HSUS main objectives is to end captive keeping of wild and exotic animals. 
“Most of the wild habitat is disappearing and the only chance to save many animals such as tigers from extinction is captive breeding with the private sector having the majority of available habitat” says Shoemaker. 

“If the animal rights activists truly care about animals, then why are they trying to regulate and ban them to extinction?” asks Kukol. ”What crime did the animals commit to be sentenced to death?”
REXANO is free web resource designed to give much needed tools and statistics based research material to private owners of exotic and wild animals to fight unfair legislation in the USA. Current focus of is to reverse the trend in over regulation, with the desire that in the near future to work on repealing excessive regulations and bans on private ownership of exotics. 

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