REXANO Press Editorial 

This horrible bill, nicknamed ‘California Pet Extinction Act’, is another anti-pet bill pushed for by extreme animal rights (AR) groups and supported by naïve celebrities and uninformed legislators.

Las Vegas, NV, June 11, 2007–According to National Animal Interests Alliance press release (
Assembly Bill 1634 “… strips pet owners of their traditional rights and, in the process, sharply reduces both the quantity and quality of purpose-bred dogs and cats –including those bred for assistance to the disabled, and for search & rescue operations. AB 1634 is backed by the extremist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and sponsored by Assembly Member Lloyd Levine (D-Van Nuys). If it passes, most California pet owners will have to sterilize their pets.”

“Even people who don’t own animals should realize that every time a new law is passed, the government powers and bureaucracy are growing and our personal freedoms shrinking,” says Zuzana Kukol, a Nevada big cat trainer and co-founder of “Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership”,, a new free web resource designed to give tools and statistics based research material to private owners of exotics to fight unfair legislation. “Exotic, domestic and farm animal owners share the same enemy, AR groups and uninformed legislators, who are sentencing our animals to extinction thru exotic bans and mandatory spay and neuter bills.”

“Animals are personal property; and we oppose legislation that restricts the private ownership or use of animals, or that inhibits free trade of any animal provided it meets Ohio Department of Agriculture testing and import requirements,” adds Polly Britton, Secretary of the Ohio Association of Animal Owners,

One of AR activists’ main objectives is to end captive keeping of wild and exotic animals.

“Most of the wild habitat is disappearing and the only chance to save many animals such as tigers from extinction is captive breeding with the private sector having the majority of available habitat” says Scott Shoemaker, REXANO co-founder.

“If the animal rights activists truly care about animals, then why are they trying to regulate and ban them to extinction?” asks Kukol. ”What crime did the animals commit to be sentenced to death?”

“Control the land and the animals, then you control the people.” states Kim Bloomer a natural pet care educator, lecturer and host of the online radio show Animal Talk Naturally

“There is a hidden agenda with regard to all of these laws and it has nothing to do with public safety or concerns for good animal care. Rather, it is about eroding or removing American freedoms, the right to own as many animals as we can provide for.”

Other groups opposing AB 1634 are The California Organization of Police and Sheriffs (COPS)

and PetPAC (

REXANO is free web resource designed to give much needed tools and statistics based research material to private owners of exotic and wild animals to fight unfair legislation in the USA. Current focus of is to reverse the trend in over regulation, with the desire that in the near future to work on repealing excessive regulations and bans on private ownership of exotics.

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