REXANO Press, 

Las Vegas (January 31, 2008)– New York State Assemblyman David R. Townsend, Jr. introduced Bill to legalize responsible private ownership of wild and exotic felines in New York state. Currently, only people engaging in business activities are allowed to own them.
According to the Bill A02750 Memo:
 “This  legislation  would allow non-commercial ownership of wild/exotic felids  by  individuals  who  have  the  knowledge,   experience   and facilities   to   practice   responsible  private  captive  husbandry. Responsible private husbandry of such animals can and has benefited main  stream captive conservation efforts.”
REXANO applauds Assemblyman Townsend for his vision in recognizing the need for private ownership and captive conservation of these magnificent animals, while protecting public safety and animal welfare,” says Zuzana Kukol, a Nevada big cat trainer and co-founder of REXANO, Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership,

REXANO is committed to protecting the rights of animal owners and supports responsible private ownership of exotic animals in any form, be it non-commercial pet or sanctuary, as well as commercial breeder or exhibitor.

“Maintaining a healthy and viable captive feline population for present and future conservation needs must be supported through thoughtful legislation such as New York’s AO2750”, says Feline Conservation Federation president Lynn Culver.

The Feline Conservation Federation,, supports AO2750 sponsored by Assemblyman David Townsend. This legislation allows the responsible ownership, breeding and exhibition of all species of exotic felines by enacting a reasonable permit system that insures both public safety and animal welfare, by requiring proper containment, regular veterinary care, healthy diet and most importantly, owner education.

The Feline Conservation Federation, FCF, has over 50 years experience with captive feline husbandry and has developed a training course that is taught across the nation. 

“It is a grave concern to the Feline Conservation Federation that extremists organizations, operating under the false guise of  ‘animal welfare’, continue year after year, to lobby state legislators to pass their ban bills.” adds president Culver, “this relentless pressure of our elected officials in recent years has led to passage of bills that will manage the captive feline populations into extinction. Such was the case in 2005 in New York.”

“Most of the wild habitat is disappearing. The only chance to save many animals such as tigers from extinction is captive breeding in the private sector, which has the majority of available habitat,” says Scott Shoemaker, co-founder of REXANO.

“AO2750 is a positive step to undo the ban in New York and will return to qualified persons the freedom to own and breed exotic felines”, declares FCF president Culver.



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