The night of August 15, 1951 finds Jack Laramie on the road just, outside of Clyde, Texas. The private detective stops for gas and food. The waitress, Vicky Mae, does not appreciate the small joke Jack makes as she serves him a cup of coffee.  His joke was also very much not appreciated by the man who clearly has an ongoing interest in Vicky Mae. Things escalate as Luke decides to go physical with Jack and it isn’t long before the cook has to come out of the back wielding a shotgun to restore order.torn and frayed


Despite what happens, Jack sticks around town. Eventually Laramie, grandson of Cash Laramie, goes to work for a local rancher by the name of Othmer. At first he is just helping the elderly rancher take care of the livestock and property, but things change when Othmer tells him of recent events involving his daughter, Nancy. What Othmer thinks is going on isn’t. As usual, Jack feels a duty to set things as right as he can. Some people are just bad and there are plenty of those types in Torn And Frayed: The Drifter Detective Series Number 7.


This seventh book in the series also includes a bonus short story featuring Cash Laramie, U.S. Marshal in “Missing.” Also seen in the book, Further Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles, the short story tells of a time when Cash, known as the “Outlaw Marshal” went missing in 1888 and Gideon Miles had to go looking for him.


Once again, David Cranmer brings readers back into Jack Laramie. A man looking for his place after World War II in a world that is changing. There is a lot of his grandfather in him and one gets the sense that he is a man born to the wrong time. Plenty of mystery and action make this latest installment in the Drifter Detective series another mighty good read.


Torn And Frayed: The Drifter Detective Series Number 7

David Cranmer

Beat To A Pulp


eBook (paperback available)

79 Pages




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