Little Richard

Title: The Very best of “Little Richard”

Record Company: Specialty Records

Release date: July/ 2008

 It is said that Mr. Richard is the father of rock & Roll, that Elvis borrowed his style and his music. Well with the best of you be the judge you’ll hear all the classics if your not familiar with Little Richard. Then here is a brief history born in Macon, Georgia Rev. Richard Wayne Penniman otherwise known as “Little Richard” with his roots deeply set in Gospel music he start sing in Church and through out his career was known to jump back and forth between ministry and performing Rock-N-Roll but “Little Richard” made his outside debut in 1945. It is true he was pivotal in rhythm & blues becoming Rock N Roll with songs like “Tutti Fruitti, Good Golly, Ms Molly, Keep a Knockin” classic Rock-N-Roll. This CD has 25 cuts on it now that is unusual for a CD now a days. Also there is a live concert version of “I got a Woman and Tutti Fruitti.” You get a full range of Classic Little Richard the booklet inside tells the story of how Mr. Richard called the record companies tenaciously to get his music heard and how Art Rupe helped “Little Richard” truly get in the music business. This is not only history you can listen too, but history you can read. This CD builds your curiosity about music and fills in some of the blanks about the time period this excellent for the Rock-N-Roll expert or the novice if you are a fan of early rhythm & blues or Rock-N-Roll this is a must have for your collection.


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