It should have been a great day in the life of attorney Mickey Haller. He had truly had a television Perry Mason style moment that had destroyed a witness and ultimately won his case. The celebration at the Redwood on Second Street had been a fun time for all in attendance.

It was on to the drive home that things started to go wrong. First it was the traffic stop. Within a few minutes it was the handcuffs. Then it was the fluid dripping from the trunk. Then it was the clearly visible dead body inside the trunk. Halloween 2019 seemingly has come a couple of days early and Mickey Haller is in for quite a terror filled ride as his entire life is on the line.


Arrested for a murder he did not commit; Mickey Haller is incarcerated at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. To get out of a nearly perfect frame job he is going to not only have to stay alive in the facility where he has few friends among inmates or staff, he has to build a credible — somebody else did it — style defense. Figuring out who he knows that could have done this will take time. Something he is in short supply of since he faces a looming trial and multiple threats including COVID-19.


The Law of Innocence: A Lincoln Lawyer Novel by Michael Connelly brings together nearly every character currently and previously present in this series. Haller’s defense that is ultimately presented in court as COVID-19 begins to draw public attention in early 2020 has numerous links to previous cases. This reader occasionally struggled to remember those cases before deciding to just read on and focus on the current story. The resulting read is complicated, intense, and pretty good. Because of the links in this book will invalidate pretty much any reason to read the earlier books, I suggest reading your way forward in the series to get to here. It will be worth it.


The Law of Innocence: A Mickey Haller Novel

Michael Connelly,him%20by%20a%20vindictive%20judge.

Little, Brown and Company (Hatchett Book Group)

November 2020

ISBN# 978-0-316-49802-9

eBook (also available in audio, hardback, and large print paperback)

433 Pages




My reading copy came in eBook format via the Dallas Library and the LibbyApp and the technical assistance of my son, Scott, who did some sort of magic to make things work.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2021




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