Nellie Wertz is seeing yet another winter set in on her East Texas farm. Being 107 means she has seen quite a few winters and she isn’t about to stop now. While outliving three husbands was okay, she hates the fact she has outlived four of her five children. And while she often dreams of her own passing, she is very much alive and that means it is time to pay her respects to the recently departed Emily Cook.


To do so she will walk with her cane the two miles or so into town for the funeral. The road is a narrow winding one and she isn’t the only one on it in The Eternal: A Short Story by George Wier. She also isn’t the only one to dream of the dead.


Well known for his excellent Bill Travis series, Texas author George Wier has a far different kind of tale here. Inspirational and everlasting in one sense and a complex mystery in another sense, The Eternal is one of those very complex stories that can’t be easily labeled. Multiple things are at work here on multiple levels. It is very good and you need to read it. Enough said.


The Eternal: A Short Story

George Wier

Flagstone Books

ASIN: B004U6TD44

March 2011


31 Pages



PDF supplied by the author a very long time ago in exchange for my objective review.


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