Title: Thunder

Label: Heads UP International

Release Date: August 12, 2008

Now if you are a fan of Bass Guitars then listen also to those of you who love jazz music here is something for you to dig into and listen. S.M.V. the latest release from Heads UP International. This CD is a culmination of this industry primer musicians in the art of Bass first let’s look at the S in S.M.V. that is Stanley Clark whose list of musical accomplishments is to long to list.

Next there is the M in S.M.V. that stats for Marcus Miller the man who helped Luther Vandrose get his signature sound when every you hear his name mentioned you know the music is good! Lastly, Victor Wooten the V all three men produced this CD. Two of whom have been musical producers for movie soundtracks the talent of all three bassists makes this CD phenomenal.

There are several cut on this CD that I like especially “Classical Thump” the fist cut on the CD which is the title song “Thunder” is a melodic mix of funky bass and hip-hop style which truly creates a different and interesting style of music this song represents three different musical mixes.

S.M.V.’s unique exploration of jazz, hip-hop, and classical music using bass like instruments give this CD a sound that’s a testament to what a true musician can do with there instrument. Another must mention is Marcus Millers “Tutu” is also on this CD.  

 Norvell Molex Jr.

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