Kenny GarrettArtist: Kenny Garrett


CD: Sketches Of MD Live at the iridium featuring Pharoah Sanders


Label: Mack Avenue Records


Release Date: 9-23-08


We live in a time where you can get twenty five cuts on a CD and only three will be worth listening too. In a time where truly creative music or musicians find it hard if not impossible to get there music heard or played over the airwaves. Well with Kenny Garrett’s “Sketches Of MD Live at the iridium featuring Pharoah Sanders” he defies all the above now when you see the CD it looks very deceptive. At first glance you only see 5 cuts but the shortest song is nine minutes and twenty-one seconds what does that tell you. This is Kenny Garrett’s 15th CD he started in 1984 with the CD Criss Cross and now on Mack Avenue records he gives us “Sketches Of MD Live at the iridium featuring Pharoah Sanders.” This is a CD that you can relax to it will not leave your CD player for a long time. I had the pleasure of seeing Kenny Garrett at The Detroit International Jazz Fest the CD is almost like seeing him live only without the visual. One of the songs I really recommend is cut 2. Intro to Africa this has a deep melodic tone that can’t be denied after a moment of listening you will find yourself humming the cut without even knowing it! Then there is the cut “Happy People” this entire CD can help you excuse yourself from the world for the hour you listen to the CD. “Sketches Of MD Live at the iridium featuring Pharoah Sanders” Excellent for those long drives to and from work or for those inexpensive staycations.



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