It is fall in Paradise as Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind: A Jesse Stone Novel by Reed Farrel Coleman begins. For Police Chief Jesse Stone, it is a time of new beginnings. He is back from alcohol rehab having been gone the last two months. His old house was sold back during the summer and he has moved into a two-bedroom condo.

While there has been quite a change in his personal life, life and crime continues on in Paradise, Massachusetts as does politics.  Biker gangs have been a problem while Chief Stone has been gone. And the latest version of them seems to be of the racist skinhead type. During a recent incident, things were said to the newest member of the police department who is African American and it has caused a little bit of internal strife. That was on top of the mood of some of the local population which had an issue with the hiring.


In the nearby town of Swan Harbor, they have a serious assault victim who may not be alive much longer. The State Chief Homicide investigator, Brian Lundquist, quietly suggested to Police Chief Forster that he ought to have Jesse Stone come over and share his expertise. The woman has been sexually assaulted and horribly beaten and the locals don’t have any detectives, let alone anyone that is equipped to work the case now or when it soon becomes a murder case. That isn’t the only reason Lundquist wanted Jesse Stone involved in the case.


At first, Lundquist didn’t realize the victim was in the same shape as a victim years ago when Jesse firsts started work in Paradise. A veteran of the Swan Harbor police with 20 years plus did, Officer Drake Daniels, and said something to his boss. Now Jesse will be poking around the fringes of the case while Lundquist takes over on the behalf of the state.


Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind: A Jesse Stone Novel is the latest in the series and another very good read. Author Reed Farrel Coleman has had a hard task since he took over the series several years back. Breathing new life into the character while staying true to the roots and flavor of Jesse Stone as well as the earlier books is no easy feat. Mr. Coleman has constantly performed the task admirably and does so again with Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind: A Jesse Stone Novel.




Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind: A Jesse Stone Novel

Reed Farrel Coleman

Thorndike Press

September 2018

ISBN# 978-1-4328-5514-7

Large Print Hardback (also available in audio, eBook, and regular print hardback formats)

505 Pages





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