“Nothing but the best!” is the new release of Sinatra’s greatest and most memorable hits. Songs like, “Come fly with me!” & “Summer Wind!” traditionally are associated with the suave musical legend Frank Sinatra and they grow stronger in memories with this release of The Chairman of the Board’s best renditions.

In terms of musical quality, these are the favorite tunes you will always remember when Frank Sinatra comes to mind. The iconic musical legend offers us a glimpse of the musical variety of the late 1940’s through the late 1970’s with the remastering of these great hits. When one thinks of Sinatra, “My Way!” & “It Was a Very Good Year!” are expressive of the American cultural devotion to the solitary crooning singer image that Sinatra epitomized.

As a late baby boomer, the “Nothing but the Best!” collection represents an insightful view into the musical traditions that ended in the 1960’s and 1970’s. When it comes to the most superlative American singer of the generation, this CD is a definite “Must Have” for any aficionado of the suave singer that mesmerized an entire generation of fans with his relaxed style of singing and his often-colorful personal and professional life. If you like me, have great memories of summer vacations at the New Jersey Shore or any other great vacation spot, no rest and relaxation would ever be without musical memories being sung by Frank Sinatra.

The more you hear his songs and works makes me realize the truly iconoclastic stature of Sinatra’s contributions to American music and social norms. The CD, the music and the man are truly, “Nothing but the Best!” and should be included and treasured by all audiophiles in their musical anthologies. As we start the Memorial Day weekend, go out and purchase this collection of musical hits…they will add that special “Sinatra” touch to the long holiday festivities.

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