No Need for Wordsw Cover

Artist:           Sean Jones

CD Title:      No Need for Words

CD Release: May 24, 20011

Label:           Mack Avenue Records

These days when you hear someone is releasing a new CD you don’t get excited because there maybe some disappointment to follow. No matter who the artist is theirs always a chance of disappointment very few artists are allowed to take it to the next level with every CD released. Let’s face it this is a business and what do business’ want…. to make a prophet. Then an artist comes along and smashes your theory to bits who is this artist that is welding this Thor like hammer to my theory none other than Sean Jones with his 6th release from Mack Avenue Records “No Need for Words.” Now upon the first look at the CD for the song list I was concerned there are only 8 songs and if you’re familiar with Mr. Jones he usually has a CD packed full of jazz music. I’m here to state good things come in small packages the music in this offering is spiritually soothing and healing with a song dedicated to his mother that he stated at one of his performances that would be on his next CD “Momma”  to the very last song which resonates with me “Forgiveness (Release).” With each CD release from Sean Jones we get to hear and witness the grown of a musician in his purest form the influences’ the pains and the emotional expressions that makeup what we call jazz. On my steering wheel scale I have to give this a six out of six this is a must ad to you collection if you’re a die hard jazz fan.


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