There is a new name to look for in R&B and Soul music his name is MJ Robinson this is a young man that is bridging the generational gap when you see him he looks like a rapper but when you hear this young man sing. You hear a soulful type of experience that makes you think back to old school music. After listening to this CD there were several songs I liked. Mr. Robinson CD “Ghetto Lullaby” takes you not only through emotional ups and downs, but he uses the art of story telling to paint a musical picture of what the song represents.  In some of today’s music storytelling is a lost art form.  With songs like “ Love Superhero, & Chemistry of Love” he gives the ladies something think about. The title cut Ghetto Lullaby” paints a modern picture of faces and mindsets that can be seen and heard in urban neighborhoods all across America. On the steering wheel meter I have to give this CD 4.5 out of 5 steering wheels. For more information go to http://www.therealmjrobinson.com/


Norvell Molex Jr.

Getting It In


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