Review of Miss Kristin’s, Amazing Power

By Charles Eggleston

When I first opened this CD, I thought, “Oh no, not another Christian Country music CD!”. Thankfully Miss Kristin’s artistic perception, is radically different from my own personal bias towards the cover label. I was actually overjoyed that bias was not addressed at all. Despite the cover which has a woman receiving the blessing of two angels while being showered with the rays of heaven, there really are not much Christian references made until the tenth track “Starry Love”. In case if anyone was wondering that is the next to last track.

There was a lot of experimentation done with this album. I was really surprised at how Amazing Power’s first track “Amazing Power of Love” starts out with an instrument ensemble which resembles that of a citer, just to be awed by a plethora of well balanced power chords ten seconds later. Usually among musicians, the overall notion of using power chords constantly throughout a song displeases some people. “Amazing Power of Love” and “Talk About Love” has a great synergy of power chord usage. “Talk About Love” does remind me of some of the old school 80s rock songs, but in a good way. “Fall Away” to me was the highlight of the CD, because Miss Kristin’s bold voice is uniquely in sync with her two back up singers for this collaboration. I immediately fell in love with the synchronization of the guitar riffs with Miss Kristin’s voice.

“Tangled Up In Blue” is sort of a combination between a sort of folk country and jazz. It is definitely worth listening to even if you have an uneasy feeling about country. For those of you that like pure country, “All I Ever Want” is definitely worth hearing. I like “All I Ever Want” for the simple fact it dispels the bias that country music is depressing. “Starry Love” also puts that bias to bed.

Most of Amazing Power songs are actually love songs. So I actually found it a bit alienating when I heard “Immigration Song” and “Inclined to Decline” because they are really political. They were well written, but perhaps should have been added to a different album. I felt these two songs could have easily been replaced by two love longs. I do not mean this in a way censoring Miss Kristin, but the overall balance of the CD was affected by these two songs because they seem to have politicized the album. Were they album material? Yes. Did it mesh well with Amazing Power as a whole? No. Did I still like the two? Yes, especially “Inclined to Decline”. I do not however think those two tracks should have been used for the Amazing Power label. She could have perhaps cut a separate label with either blues or another album that talked mainly about politics.

“Sweet Reply” also was kind of weak as a finale track. This could been just easily switched which one of her other tracks and it would have been that much better. It is an okay song, but it did not have the imagery as “Inclined to Decline” or “Fall Away”. I am a bit indifferent about the finale, but overall the CD is definitely worth listening to.

Should Miss Kristin decide to become more of a political song writer, I would definitely welcome her next label to my music rack. And if she wants to keep writing love songs as well, I would still welcome her. I only wish that she change the tempo of her next label, so it easily meshes well with the label’s overall message.

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