Kirk Whalum

Everything is Everything

Kirk Whalum “Everything is Everything”When it comes to music some artist work are sacred there considered untouchable one such artist is Donny Hathaway. The music this man created to this day still strikes a cord in your heart, mind, and soul. Now to even give proper reverence to this musician takes skill, experience, and an overall love for music Kirk Whalum has all of these qualities. Remaking R&B classics for smooth jazz or Classic soul stations is a regular accuracy, but taking it to another level in music is something different. Kirk Whalum has done this with the help of some soul & Jazz muscle. Like Musiq Soulchild singing “We’re Still Friends” and what would a Donny Hathaway dedication or musical celebration be with out his daughter Lalah Hathaway she sings a beautiful version of “You Had To Know” this CD is worth getting and listening too. On my Steering Wheel rating scale I give it 4 ½ out of 6 Steering Wheels this CD is worth reminiscing and creating memories to.

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