Jeff Lorber Fusion

Now Is The Time

jeff-lorber-fusion-now-is-the-timeI had to listen to this Cd twice because the first time I listened to it with a jaded ear most of my jaded out look stemmed from my view of what I felt the Cd should sound like.  Then I played a couple of cuts over the air and had to listen to this Cd again, but this time I truly listened I opened my mind to what Mr. Lorber wanted to give me. I at first expected this Cd to sound like earlier “Jeff Lorber Fusion” Cd’s that is where I a music lover and especially a Jazz music lover made my mistake. I didn’t let the artist take me on the musical journey I assumed where he was going to take me.  After listen to the Cd a second time with open ears I can’t categorize this Cd it covers all the bases it touches jazz, R&B, and Smooth Jazz it is music and it is distinct in it’s presentation. This week instead of having 5 steering wheels I’m going to permanently move it up to 6 this way I can keep things even.  The Cd “Now Is The Time “ from Jeff Lorber I have to give it 3 out of 6 steering wheels it is something that you aren’t expecting.


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