The CD, High Mass by Saint Joseph’s Media is the best remedy for Catholics and indeed all faithful believers that believe in the transcendence of an eternal God. The CD is Catholic in its selections and presentations, and quite honestly indicates to this author the need for resurgence in Catholic music and artistic endeavors. Most especially, the collection of recordings presents an opportunity for all listeners and those that appreciate good music to acknowledge the heritage of Catholic musical and historical scholarship that has produced such a vast collection of music for the world’s enjoyment.

Various pieces, such as variants of Ave Maria by composers such as Arcadelt and de Victoria offer unique interpretations on Catholic Marian beliefs. Traditional hymns, that is reflective of the great liturgical traditions of the Roman Church, such as Jesu Rex Admirabilis by Palestrina present devotional as well as musical snapshots of the vast musical traditions that are and were part of the living Catholic Church.

Of course, for anyone that has been reared in the liturgical traditions of the Catholic Church and can recall a period before the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, familiar and comfortable works such as Adoro Te in its traditional version and various parts of the recently restored Tridentine Mass, such as the Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei by composers Palestrina and Da Silva will experience prayerful recollections of an ancient and varied Catholic faith.

Music lovers and all believers, especially Catholics will immediately recognize this CD for its real value. Namely a great collection of well produced prayers and hymns that show us that in addition to our temporal responsibilities, we need to be aware of our spiritual needs and desires as well.

As far as a rating for this CD…well…forget the 5 stars and just say…5 miters for this great anthology of Catholic devotional music.

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