Gretchen ParlatoGretchen Parlato

CD: The Lost and Found

Obliqsound Records, 2011

Release Date: April 5, 2011

Theses days to hear a CD that erases all the cares of that day much less the world is a rarity. After hearing “The Lost and Found” what every was bothering me at that time drifted away as if I had just taken a shower to wash the days grime off of me. Gretchen Parlato’s vocals are so smooth and silky that one can getting lost in listening to all the songs and then disappointed when the CD is over. This is a jazz CD for those who love jazz music Gretchen Parlato is what I like to call a young lion she is presenting & preserving jazz for the next generation. This CD is her third she initially caught my ear with her self titled CD “Gretchen Parlato” and “Benny’s Tune” her second CD was “In a Dream” all I can say about that is just get it! On the “The Lost and Found” she had help from two other jazz artist that I conceder young lions as well Robert Glasper, and Kendrick Scott. The first song on the CD grabs you and changes your mood it is the Simply Red classic “Holding Back the Years” Ms. Parlato takes this song and makes it her own. I highly recommend this CD on my steering wheel scale where the highest is six I have to give Gretchen Parlato’s “The Lost and Found” six out of six excellent drivability for the jazz lover in you.


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