Roll on CD cover

Group: Four80East

Label: Native Language

Release Date: July 14, 2009

In the music industry nowadays you can not expect consistency when it comes to music especially when it come to jazz. Now I’m not saying there is no good jazz music out there I am saying that when you hear certain names in music you know that what the come out with is going to be good. This is the case with Four80East a Canadian jazz group whose creativity is at the same levels as groups like Spyro Gyra, and The Yellowjackets. This is a CD that takes of from the start the title track Roll On is smooth this is a summer time CD you could actually keep in your CD player or I-pod. This is funky yet nu age type jazz some may consider it down beat. Really when its all said and done it’s good music. The kind of music that people are willing to pay for this CD is not disappointing it is a perfect addition to there musical collections, Four80East, Nocturnal, En Route, Round Three. If you have not listened to there music take sometime and give them a listen they are considered a contemporary jazz which some traditionalist may frown on. In my opinion good music is good music and we should take it where ever we can get it. I honestly have to give this CD 4 out of five stars from start to finish i enjoyed this CD

Norvell Molex Jr.
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