Esperanza Spalding

“Chamber Music Society”

“Chamber Music Society”When I heard that Esperanza Spalding had a new CD coming out I was excited her sophomore début was excellent.  Yes that’s right her sophomore debut that was here self-titled CD now she has come out with a new CD titled “Chamber Music Society” now I saw the video for the making of this CD and it confused me it sent me in a curious direction of wonderment and disappointment.  But when I received the CD for review I was pleasantly surprised.  This is a composed CD based upon the art of Jazz and instrumentation if you allow the music to speak to you one can hear a merry-go-round of creativity and emotions. Chamber Music Society” is one of the best jazz CD’s in 2010 with the way radio is going now days unfortunately this CD will not get much air play, but if you love jazz this is a must ad to your collection. On my steering wheel rating scale where six is the best. I have to give Chamber Music Society” 5and a half out of 6 with this CD I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly satisfied with what I got!!!!!!!

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