BHWhen you love music you get excited when you receive a package from a record label in the mail there is a bit of kid like joy that over comes you.  It is even better when the package you receive fulfills the kid like anticipation that the love of good   music can bring, Recently I received a rush of enjoyment listening to an artist that I have had the pleaser to see in concert at the Detroit Jazz Festival in 2009. When I first saw Mr. Hogans he was playing in Sean Jones Quintet I think there was made mention of Mr. Hogans having a record deal and working on his solo CD.  Well it’s here and it’s not a disappointment the CD titled “Evidence of Things to Come” is not misleading this CD stays along the straight ahead jazz category, but we also get a taste of the spirital side with songs like the title track “Evidence of Things to Come,  & God’s Love.” After hearing this CD I can truly say that it’s a joy to listen too the emotion put into this CD. The Passion for music can be heard and felt through every song and note that is played. On the Steering wheel scale I give it 4 out of 5 steering wheels this is a must listen too. Here is Mr. Hogans website

Norvell Molex Jr.

The Jazz Suite

Gospel Jazz Podcast

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