Never Look Back In Texas by Russ Hall begins innocently enough with Al Quinn long since retired being asked by Sheriff Clayton to do a little mentoring. He has the experience and despite the grumbling, is ready to help out. He just was not ready to see on his way home hours later, Fergie in deep conservation with a man who clearly is very special to Fergie.

Rattled to his core, it takes a while for Al to talk to her only to find out that the clearly intimate conversation was not at all what it seemed. Colin Tansey has a stepson named, Baron Fielding, and the thirty-two-year-old man is missing. Colin, who has known Fergie for nearly forever, wants Fergie’s help as the local cops have done nothing productive so far.


Before long, Al is on the mission with Fergie to find Baron and things escalate fast. More than once, Al’s doing a favor for a friend has nearly gotten them both killed. This time, Fergie’s willingness to do a favor for a friend might get them and a lot of other innocent folks killed.


The sixth book in the series, Never Look Back In Texas continues to build on the foundation set long ago in To Hell and Gone in Texas. As always, family by biology or extended by way of friendship plays a role in the mystery tale as does plenty of action, bad guys with big guns or small, and the Texas landscape, drought or not. Author Russ Hall has created a fine mystery series where the young guys do not have all the fun. As always, read in order, as the series is one that evolves over time and there are references to earlier events. There is not a bad read in the bunch and the latest installment, Never Look Back In Texas, is another good one. Highly recommended.


Never Look Back In Texas: An Al Quinn Novel

Russ Hall

Red Adept Publishing

June 2020


eBook (also available in print)

197 Pages



Material was purchased back in June to read and review.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2020





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