Mystery Weekly Magazine: November 2017 opens with “The Sugar Witch” by R.S. Morgan. Melissa wants Angelo dead and wants his help. The 500K Angelo has stashed in the house is another inducement beyond what Melissa has already given him.


Cilly had a plan and pulled it off in “Her Father’s Killer” by Joseph D’Agnese. The blindfolded man strapped to the chair at the end of the dock has no idea how much trouble he is in. Waylon is his name and he will soon know how much trouble he is in as Miss Priscilla Mae Gregson is going to settle some old scores and get answers in this tale set during WWII.


Betting on just about anything include the Thanksgiving dinner is tradition in the family. A tradition that encourages some folks to kill and others to take elaborate precautions in “Day After Thanksgiving Soup” by Debra H. Goldstein.


Mrs. Box likes to play games with people when she is out and about. She often does that with a spider in her purse despite her husband warning her such activities are a bad idea. “In The Last Evil” by David Vardeman, Mrs. Box has her target picked out on the train and is looking so forward to his reaction at the final moment.


The concept of ghosts and a lot more is at work in “A Passionate Belief In Ghosts” by Tom Tolnay. As the dinner conversation/ argument continues between George Putnam and Herbert Jarvis continues, dusk settles across London the gas lamps light the streets below. Before long the argument between the authors is interrupted by the arrival of the neighbor from downstairs, Mrs. Edward Whitby, who has a problem and needs their help.


There is always that one kid in class.  In “Only We Know” by Stef Donati that one kid is quite the challenge for the class clown.


Andrew and our narrator have a plan in “Search For Bread” by Edward Palumbo. It starts with dinner and the waiter named Doug. Doug has a secret and the narrator wants it.


The issue closes with the mysterious meatball autopsy by Peter DiChellis. Two detectives have a murder on their hands as the victim was shot in the back of the head in case that might have been retaliation. The answer to the November You-Solve-It it can be found in the December issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine.


The issue concludes with the answers to the October You-Solve-It puzzles.


Mystery Weekly Magazine: November 2017 is not one of those issues often seen during the holidays which would be all about the given holiday. Only one story in the issue uses Thanksgiving as a reference point. That story and all the others in the issue have plenty of surprises as the complicated characters go about their business.  Along the way they entertain readers in tales that don’t easily fit the mold of predictability.



Mystery Weekly Magazine: November 2017


eBook (available in print format)

70 Pages





For quite some time now I have been gifted a subscription by the publisher with no expectation at all of a review. From time to time I will be reviewing each issue. To date, I have never submitted anything to this market and do not intend to as long as I review the publication.




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