Mystery Weekly Magazine: May 2018 opens with “Siren’s Song” by Troy Seate. Set in 1950, Detective Sam O’ Donnell is haunted by the memories. Those memories, especially what happened at a certain pier a few years ago are a major reason why he drinks. He will need to be sober for what is going to happen this time there.

Our main character is on a mission. The guy and the guy known to all as “The Sicilian” is just one small piece of the mission. He works for Don Calabresi and everyone knows that if they live anywhere near Chicago. Our narrator just needs a little more info from The Sicilian. Promises are always kept in “Line of Doodee” by Jazz Lawless.


The following story, “The Zombie Dongle” by Cecily Winter is a science fiction style story set in the near future. Artificial intelligence controls cars (think Knight Rider) and those AIs can be very valuable and thus sought after. A bounty hunter is only as good as her car.  Fortunately, Dixie, the car, is really good. She will need to be to help fulfill their latest contract.


Sean never thought he would be a house husband, but he is in “Jump Cut” by Craig Terlson. His partner, Debbie, is the one who brings home the bucks. He does the worrying for both of them as he has a very active imagination as to how things would go wrong. Considering her line of work, there is plenty to worry about.

Waking up in the classic position of naked in a bath tub full of ice is bad. At least he still has his kidney. He is missing a hand. According to the young guy hanging out in the bathroom, he owed money to some guy by the name of Beaver Jones. He can’t remember any debt or much of anything else in “A Helping Hand” by Jody Wenner.


She was a lonely mom missing her son lost in the war. He was drifter who looked so much like her son. Invited to her home for a meal, they begin an elaborate relationship in “Armistice” by Edward Musto.


The “You-Solve-It” this month is by Laird Long titled “Kidnopped.” Justice Tate’s daughter, Julie, has been taken for ransom and he needs Turner’s help to get her back.  Since Turner is a private investigator and knows bad people doing bad things Justus Tate is sure he can get her back.


The answer to the April “You-Solve-It” puzzle, “Cash Out” also by Lair Long closes out this issue. (April issue reviewed here.)


As always, this issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine is an interesting and enjoyable blend of mystery stories. With tales set in the past, present, and the future, stories in the Mystery Weekly Magazine: May 2018 all feature characters caught in the web of trying to survive. Some characters just appear to be heaving an easier go of it than others. As any seasoned reader knows, appearances are always deceiving.



Mystery Weekly Magazine: May 2018

April 28, 2018


eBook (also available in print)

78 Pages




For quite some time now I have been gifted a subscription by the publisher with no expectation at all of a review. I now read and review each issue as I can. To date, I have never submitted anything to this market and will not do so as long as I review the publication.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2018

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