One does not want to find a severed finger, but that is what happens in the opening story of Mystery Weekly Magazine: February 2018.  Not only is it a severed finger, but that severed finger is missing the bone in “I Gave Them The Finger” by Chad Lutzke. Ben thinks the finger probably belongs to one of his neighbors. Which neighbor is a question? Why is the finger in his yard is another as is why is the bone missing from the finger?  Answering those questions and others drives the tale as through Ben we meet his neighbors.

Up next is the offbeat tale,”…On A Two Way Street (a noirish fable of imagi-Masssachusetts” by Gary  Cahill. A delivery for Mr. Chen has gone very wrong. Now there are bodies on a Cape Cod beach and he is on the run with a woman he carjacked as the driver.


Craig A. Strickland is up next with a “A Letter For The Bayou.” The young girl next door, Melodica, who is about seven just walked to the bluff above Turtle Bayou and sailed a piece of paper out towards the waters below. For her elderly neighbor, her action was both sweet and sad. There was a lot of meaning in what she just did and that means the mystery of her action needs to be solved.


Gia puts on her magic shows for children in “Magic Cat And The Girl In The Shadows” by Jack Bates. Her outfit, part of her act with her cat, arouses some men and annoys some of the women. As a consequence of her performances, she often learns quite a lot about the families involved. The Maher family at the heart of this tale is one example of that.


He is looking for a certain woman and can’t find her in “My Favorite Fungus” by Justin Rempel. He can’t think of her name, but knows she is very special. He has got to find her.


The You-Solve-It puzzle this month is by Tatiana Cloudy. Private Investigator be the ones to help her.  help her. But, they have not to this point. Miss Wheeler is very worried about Miranda Campbell and wants his help in “Summer Vacations In Chile.”


The issue closes with the solution to the You-Solve-It puzzle from last month.


Mystery Weekly Magazine: February 2018 marks the thirtieth issue of this enjoyable crime fiction short story magazine. Complicated interesting tales have been the hallmarks of this magazine and that continues in this issue. All the tales in the issue are good ones, but the ones by Mr. Lutzke and Mr. Strickland really stood out for this reviewer.



Mystery Weekly Magazine: February 2018


eBook (available in print format)

72 Pages





For quite some time now I have been gifted a subscription by the publisher with no expectation at all of a review. This month I made the decision to read and review. I expect to do more of that going forward depending on my usual personal time constraints.




Kevin R. Tipple ©2018

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