The body in the marsh has begun to decompose thanks to the August heat and nature taking its predictable course. The body also matches the description of a missing woman provided by a “Joey Coleman” who filed a report a few days ago. For Detective Rick Patterson and Detective Brandon Wolfe their job to figure out what happened to Mrs. Coleman has just begun.

Originally published by Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine (FMAM) many years ago, this intriguing mystery short story has just been published by Amber Quill Press. Currently a free download the story can be picked up at here or by going to the author page. Featuring interesting characters, a case with twists and turns, Muddy Waters is a fast moving short story and a tale well worth your time.

The Muddy Waters e-book also contains synopsis and chapter one of James 516 as well as the new young adult novel The Seventh Taking. My review of James 516 can be found here.

Muddy Waters
BJ Bourg
Short Story E-Book
4k Words (Approximately 23 pages)

Material was recently picked up to read and review when the author announced its availability on the Short Mystery Fiction Society list.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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