Soul Tree

Title: Soul Tree


Artist: Lin Rountree


Release Date: March 8, 2011



In my past reviews I have been rather direct and hard on smooth jazz and I have clarified my definition of what I feel smooth jazz is and what it is not. But in the spirit of Dizzy Gillespie, Bird and other pioneers of jazz there is a new style of jazz on the horizon. Well not new style but a different form of jazz coined “Soul Jazz” this is jazz music that has several elements fused into it these elements are Jazz, R&B, Funk and Soul music. This mighty masterful mix creates as I stated above “Soul Jazz” Lin Rountree is at the four front of this new style of jazz. And Soul Tree is his recent dedication to this art form with hits like “You Rocked My World” and “Feel It” plus on this CD there are some crazy duets from the jazz & Soul world like Gail Jhonson, and Conya Doss. With every CD Lin Rountree makes an effort to take you in a different direction musically and raise the bar on expectations “Soul Tree” is no different this is a CD full of driving music if your look for an escape from life as we know it this is the CD to add you in that plan. “Soul Tree” is not smooth jazz, but it is Soul Jazz an evolutionary step in the jazz movement you will enjoy on my steering wheel scale I give it four out of six steering wheels.




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