Much like this reviewer, NYSPD Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas is not a fan of Christmas or the season itself. Too many people, too many massive crowds, too much chaos. It is the final weeks of 2058 and now she is very annoyed to discover she is supposed to select gifts for other people, including her husband who is so rich he can buy and sell entire planets.

She is out and about with time to do some things before her shift when she hears a police radio call for a nearby location. The call is for a domestic dispute, which is never a good thing. The actual scene is far worse as it is a murder scene.


Marianna Hawley, mid-thirties, will not see Christmas this year. The naked woman was strangled and left cleaned up and posed on the bed. Wrapped in silver garland with a small ornament pinned in her hair just above her right ear, the killer has left behind his calling card. Not to mention the brand-new tattoo on the victim that reads, “my true love.”  Her assistant, Officer Peabody, makes the obvious connection between the newly done tattoo and the ornament in the victim’s hair. The race is on to find a twisted killer who has his own agenda and deathly plans for the holiday season.


All the usual caveats apply again in this read that is part police procedural and part romantic suspense. There will be POV shifts, sometimes several times in a paragraph, Roarke will always be a perfect stud in and outside the bedroom, and Dallas and Peabody will confront danger and put themselves in harms way again and again. Fortunately, it is 2058 and medical services are awesome.  All in all, another fun read as long as you do not take it too seriously. These books are not deep. They are pleasantly entertaining as one is immersed in the story.




My copy came via the good folks at my branch, Lochwood Library. Scott, once again, made the Libby App work for Dad.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2021

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