If there’s one thing that can be said about Judd Apatow (The 40-year-old Virgin, Knocked Up) as a director, he pushes the envelope of gross out comedy. Now as producer his influence is seen and carried forward in Forgetting Sarah Mashall by introducing mainstream American Cinema to full frontal male nudity.  Twice.

If you are wondering who Sarah Marshall is (other than a girl I went to high school with and had not necessarily thought of until the media blitz for this movie started) and why we should forget her, She is the sexy female lead of a CSI Like TV Series played by Kristen Bell (Heroes, Gossip Girl).   Who should be forgetting her? Peter Bretter, the music director for the show and her boyfriend of five years… until the start of the film.

This gives us a set-up and a reason for forgetting Sarah: Sarah and Peter are no more.  Peter then confides in his brother Brian (Bill Hader) who advises him to take a vacation and get away from everything that reminds him of her.  Unfortunately Peter checks into the same hotel as Sarah and her new rock star Boyfriend Aldous (Russell Brand).  Helping him to save face in front of his ex, Rachel (Mila Kunis), the Desk Clerk, helps Peter out by opening a room for him.

At this point the romantic parallelogram is rather obvious and there are no surprises in what he ending will be, but sit back and enjoy the how will they get there.

Much like predecessors The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up we find a less-than-together guy try and figure his life out enough to get the girl.  While Virgin was original in its premise subsequent films involving Apatow have become more and more watered down.  This one included.

Written by male lead Jason Seagle, the movie does provide quite a few laughs. The supporting cast does a great job taking the workload off of the first time lead.  And direction by Nicholas Stoller seems effective, if not a bit longwinded for a romantic comedy. Sarah could have been forgotten about twenty minutes earlier.  I myself found the length of the movie to be such that I was in, out and over several relationships myself by the 3rd act.

This complaint comes mostly from a third act that neither reaches an emotional depth, and ties up too many loose ends in a nice Hollywood bow.

And also includes a second round of pasty white male nudity.

It seems that the romantic comedy genre has been commandeered by Apatow Productions. From Knocked Up, the 40 Year-Old Virgin and now Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you may find yourself equally grossed out in on a date as well as cooing at the romance.

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