Fatal Divisions: A Sheriff Hank Worth Mystery opens with the good sheriff still thinking about recent events. It has only been a matter of a couple of weeks or so since the events of A Deadly Turn and Sheriff Hank Worth is shaken to his core. He is trying to fake it by throwing himself into his work and other projects, but his wife, Maggie, and other folks see beyond the façade and know better. Grief and guilt are very hard to deal with though it helps that Sheriff Worth has a lot of people who care and support him.


Taking a break could help and it is suggested that he could take a fishing trip for a few days. While he tells everyone that is what he is going to do and visit an old college friend in Columbia, Missouri, the real motive is to try and help a family member who thinks her husband is involved in something very bad. Hank is best when he is working out a puzzle and going elsewhere to do so will also give him a break from everything at home.


This also allows chief Deputy Sheila Turley to take over in his absence and implement some changes. She has come up with a plan to stop overtime caused by staffing issues at the jail. Not only will her plan save money, but it will also save jobs. It will also fire up the old boys network that do not like her or Sheriff Worth and will cause folks to choose sides. Efficiency and a balanced budget means everybody keeps a job as the county commissioners are not about to increase the funding of the department. Of course, a complicated murder case is going to present complications with the least of it being her budget.


The twin storylines gradually coalesce together in Fatal Divisions: A Sheriff Hank Worth Mystery. Things are complicated as they always are in this highly enjoyable mystery series. So too are the always present family relationships, home and the job, and the flashes of laugh out loud humor. In a series that should be read in order, this latest book is another very good read in a series that is very much well worth your time.


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Fatal Divisions: A Sheriff Hank Worth Mystery (you are here and you look marvelous)




Fatal Divisions: A Sheriff Hank Worth Mystery

Claire Booth


Severn House


January 2021

ISBN# 978-0-7278-8997-3

Hardback (eBook format available)

240 Pages



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Kevin R. Tipple ©2021

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