Farnell NewtonCD:  Class Is Now In Session


Artist:  Farnell Newton




If you haven’t heard the name Farnell Newton I’m not surprised because this is a musician that is more concerned with the music then accolades from fame. He is the classic model of strive for perfection and you just might achieve greatness.  As professor of Jazz Trumpet at Portland State University coupled with the numerous performers that he plays with on the regular basses. This debut CD is a step in that direction “Class Is Now In Session” is what its title suggests.  As you listen to the CD your taken on a very flavorful musical journey were Mr. Newton expressed his love for music, you get a taste of his childhood this presentation is an eclectic blend of soul, pop, funk, Hip hop, and jazz. This CD provides a fresh needed music education that we don’t often get.  With songs like  “Everything is Clear” featuring a phenomenal pianist Jarrod Lawson “Class Is Now In Session” is a different musical presentation to categorize some CD’s is a musical atrocity, which I cannot perform good music is just good music. I have been following Farnell Newton for about four years now every since I started a jazz podcast called “The Jazz Suite.” From time to time Mr. Newton would either work on a CD or debut a song or two and when he mentioned that he was working on his own CD I became curious about what it would sound like. I must say I was caught of guard in a pleasant way with what was presented.  On my steering wheel scale I have to give it 5 out of six steering wheels this CD is divers fun and has it’s own story to tell.




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