George Duke

Title: Duke Treats

Artist: George Duke

Label: Heads UP International

Release Date: August 26, 2008

Being a child of the 70 & 80’s when you hear certain names it conjures up memories of music. Songs like “Sweet Baby” and “Duke Stick” not only does this name bring up those particular songs, but it reminds me of a certain type of music Funk.

This man can cross the lines of funk and jazz so eloquently that the only thing that is more beautiful is the Alvin Ailey Dancers. Being able to blend funk, soul, and R&B with a hint of jazz is not just a gift it is a blessing to the ears willing to listen. With a genteel social overtone that forces the listener to comprehend the message weaved within the lyrics of the songs while at the same time enjoying what they hear.

I can only be speaking of one man George Duke one of R&B’s première producers and song writers has taken us back to basics and delivers a CD you are sure to love! “Dukey Treats” this is music for everyone to listen to “Dukey Treats” is reminiscent of the days where radio was not so segmented and every song was a hit.

You can listen to this CD strait through an not be disappointed my personal favorite are “A Fonk Tail and Dukey Treats” oh the songs that express a certain social thought process are cuts 7, 10. This CD has a song that reminds me of the elements and for those of you who love music you know who I’m referring to.

There is a saying for women who are getting married I think it goes “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” now I don’t know about the blue part but everything else applies to this CD I will say this is a must listen too.

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