April 24, 2009 was a very sad day for a lot of people that knew and loved Reverend Timothy Wright when he passed away. He was known as the “Godfather of Gospel Music” and was only 61.  He was the pastor at the Grace Tabernacle Church of God in Christ in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. His late wife was a co-pastor. Reverend White served as a pastor there which he started for 18 years. He and his wife were married for 37 years and they had five children, Danny Wright, David Wright, Derrick Wright, Dwayne Wright and Donny Wright.

Last year on July 4, 2008 tragedy hit the Wright family when he and his wife Betty J. Wright along with their grandson D.J. Wright were on their way home from a conference they had attended in Detroit when they there hit head on by a drunk driver on Interstate 80 in North Central Pennsylvania. Betty and their grandson were both killed in the crash and the Reverend Wright was critically injured. The drunken driver, John Pick of Lewisburg Pa. was also killed in the accident.

The Reverend was paralyzed with spinal cord injury and had been in rehabilitation for several months at the Kessler Institute in West Orange NJ before he died at the Bronx Veterans Hospital in Bronx NY.

He was interviewed last fall and these were his words:

“I lost my wife, I lose my grandson, and for some reason, God left me here. So here I am. I didn’t lose her, because I know where she is. She’s in the arms of the Lord”

Reverend Timothy Wright’s most recent Album called “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” was focused for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and it was recorded live with the help of the New York Fellowship Mass Choir. He recorded a total of 19 gospel albums throughout his career.

Reverend Timothy Wright will be sadly missed by thousands of people from all over the country. My heart and prayers go to the Wright Family. May God be with them all.

Jan Barrett

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