Jesse Jackson’s comment about wanting to cut Obama’s nuts off has led to an interesting side effect for one entrepeneur.

Who would ever expect an everyday website advertising a business would become popular because of Reverend Jackson’s comments.

Well apparently the owner of “Obama’s Chocolate Nuts” is a happy man today thanks to the Rev. Jackson’s crude remarks about Sen. Barrack Obama. The Chicago Sun Times reports that because of Jackson’s remarks, the candy seller’s site is getting a lot more hits.

“Who would have thought anybody would use ‘Obama’ and ‘nuts’ in an actual news story?” says the owner, David Feingold, a 30 year old that lives in San Diego.

Feingold says that traffic on his website has more than tripled than its normal views since Rev. Jackson’s remarks went public. He said his site won the top spot in Google Thursday when the words ‘Obama’ and ‘nuts’ were typed into the search bar.

Feingold said he got the idea to start selling the chocolates from his revulsion over sycophantic supporters of the senator. He sells packages of nuts, chocolate balls and T-shirts with Obama’s name on them. He started selling them about a month ago.

He says he has sold 650 bags of nuts and candy so far led by the three–bag, $8.99 sampler pack. He was selling “McCain’s dried papaya stick” but the wholesale price got too high.

Feingold said, “We’re going to send Jesses Jackson his ‘Obama nuts’ so he doesn’t have to get violent about it.” He was referring to Jackson’s threat to castrate Obama for “talking down to black people”.

Jan Barrett

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