We all know the face of real terror. Nick Berg getting his head sawed off by a knife wielding Islamist, suicide bombers laying waste to mass transit in Israel, the World Trade Towers collapsing on the morning of 09/11/01. That is real terror.

But, to Reuters, enforcing U.S. immigration laws is terror.

The title of the Reuters piece sets the tone for the overwrought sentiment infused throughout the whole article: “California Latinos fearful after immigration raids”.

Words like “fearful”, “shock”, “afraid” and “terrified” are sprinkled throughout the article leaving the impression that something mean and violent is occurring to these poor people. One would think that we are rounding up Mexican and Central and South Americans who are in this country illegally and herding them off to torture camps or to some Holocaust redux.

But, what we are really doing is enforcing our duly constituted laws. What we are really doing is rounding up people who broke our laws in coming here and but sending them back to their own country. What we are really doing is enforcing a reasonable expectation that an immigrant to our country does so under the rules.

The only “fear” these people have is that they will lose their free pass to American social programs, free schooling and health care. Their only “shock” is in the fact that someone is at last actually trying to enforce some of our normally neglected immigration laws.

Another thing in the headline for the Reuters article that bears pointing out is the inclusion of “California” as a identifying tag for these “Latinos” that are in such fear.

No, Reuters, they are not “California” Latinos. They are illegal Latinos. They do not belong to California, they do not belong in California and they should not be identified as being Californians.

Then the coup de grace comes later down in the piece. It is the eeevil Bush again…


Yes, it WAS in all caps.

A supposed “community worker” who runs a “day labor program” was quoted as being in “shock” over the raids.

“We hadn’t seen anything like this here before, and it came as a shock. The police didn’t just take people with deportation orders, they took anybody … guys who were just hanging out in the street and even from a Jack in the Box restaurant … and now people are afraid to go out,” he added.

Apparently this “community worker” that runs an employment program for illegals and helps them break our laws is “shocked” that US officials might want to actually enforce a law once in a great while.

I’m heart broken for him.

In any case, when juxtaposed with the real terror we face today, this article smacks of demagogy and is a perfect example of wild-eyed polemics masquerading as “journalism” that Reuters so commonly employs.

These days, we often joke that Reuters is more interested in supporting Islamic extremists than in doing any real reporting. We often call them al Reuters as a result. This report offers us an example of their other precedent tag. We should not forget they are also el Reuters.

They should really just be called anti-American.

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