Amanda R. Salas, 36, from Ocean Springs reached out to the police to get help when her ex-boyfriend, Patrick Norman, 42 of Hoover, Alabama started harassing her and her current boyfriend, Christopher Dale Prevost, 30, also of Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

According to Ocean Springs Police Captain William Jackson the department responded to four calls made to them within the past week that dealt with malicious mischief.

The first time they were called they found that the mailbox at the residence had been destroyed. The second and third time they responded they were told a tire had been slashed on Prevost’s motorcycle and the rear tire on Salsa’s car was slashed too.

The fourth time they were called by Salas, the police had to escort Norman off the property which prompted Salas to take out a restraining order against Norman on Friday, thinking that might help keep him away.

Sunday morning there was another call to the department around 10:48 a.m. about a disturbance on the street where Salas lived. When the Ocean Springs Police and Fire Department arrived, they found Salas and Prevost had both been shot.

Lt. Detective Bruce Spearnock said apparently Salas and Prevost were in a car which was under the carport Sunday morning when Norman pulled up in the driveway behind them. He got out of his car and when he approached the two in the car he pulled a 9mm handgun out and shot Salas in the left side of her head and Prevost was shot in his left shoulder. It appears that he then turned the gun on himself, killing himself.

Prevost is now listed in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery but Salas died at Ocean Springs Hospital at 1:50 p.m. Sunday. The police say there were two teenage children still inside the home when the shooting took place. Witnesses are being questioned and officials are still investigating the incident.

I know there are laws that protect the guilty these days and to me that is exactly what happened here. Amanda Salas might be alive today if only the police had arrested Norman for sure by the fourth time they were called because of him. When they had to escort him off the property they should have hauled him off to jail right then and there. If they had, Amanda would more then likely be alive today. A lot of good it did her to take out that restraining order against Norman too.

Why can’t the lawmakers see this? There are too many laws that protect the criminals now. If they break the law then they should have their rights stripped from them automatically. Of course this in only my opinion but it is how I feel.

My thoughts and prayers are with Amanda Salas’s family and with Christopher Dale Prevost. I do pray Prevost does have a complete recover and is able to put this tragedy behind him.

Jan Barrett

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