Ruby Tuesday’s, despite the ever changing menu, and the attempt to be more grown-up and sophisticated still manages to cater to children. While it can be a bit annoying to find a new menu on each visit, it is a pleasure to know that both my children, ages 5 and 13, will enjoy their meal, which equals a more relaxing meal for both my husband and myself. Although we typically visit the Wentzville, Mo location, we have found our visits at various Ruby Tuesday’s to be pleasant.

The children’s menu is packed full of games that entertain my daughter, and has a wide selection of food. The menu features various pastas, mini-sandwiches, chopped steak, and a variety of sides to choose from. There are also plenty of drink options, such as an assortment of juices and lemonade for those children who do not want soda.

The downfall of the Ruby Tuesday’s children’s menu is the salad bar. We do love the salad bar, and it continues to be one of the reasons we visit this establishment, but my daughter enjoys the salad bar as well. Unfortunately the salad bar isn’t an option on the kid’s menu, not even as a side salad. This means in order to keep her from eating off of my plate, I am forced to add on a salad bar to her meal at regular price. This ups the price of the kid’s meal quite a bit. If she actually ate a ton it wouldn’t be a problem, but being a small child, she only eats a few bites, and does not return for seconds. It would be fabulous if Ruby Tuesday’s would add a side salad, or children’s priced salad bar onto the children’s menu.

As for the wait staff they are always friendly and prompt to refill our drinks, and double-check on us from time to time to be sure that there isn’t anything else that we need. At the Wentzville location the wait time is never too long, and we are always seated fairly quickly. Overall, Ruby Tuesday’s is a great restaurant to take the family. It is fancy enough to please the parents, yet not so fancy that the children are unwelcome.

Judy Williams is the St. Louis Parenting Examiner at

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