There has been a lot in the news lately about dangerous Chinese products. At this point, there seems to be too many of them for the average person to keep up on.

I happened to be taking a look at Lou Dobbs’ site and found some great resources that the average person can use to determine, whether or not, they are making a safe buying decision.

Since there doesn’t seem to be enough oversight by our government to ensure our safety, I highly recommend taking matters into your own hands. Especially with the holiday season rapidly approaching.

On the site, I found a link to a U.S. PIRG page on recalled toys, here.

Additionally, the page had a safety blog set up by, here.

Also, on the page, is a message from Mattel about products they have voluntarily recalled, here.

Of course, the Chinese haven’t only been in the news lately for exporting dangerous products.

Here are some posts about other things they are doing that might be considered dangerous to the rest of the world:

China caught stealing government information again!

The Hackers from China are at it AGAIN!

How Dangerous is China

Here are another posts, I’ve done (with lots of references) about unsafe products from China.

The new red menace, global commerce from China

Of course, we can’t only blame the Chinese. There are other forces in this equation, who are making a lot of money doing business with China:

The problem of unsafe products from China is just a symptom of the bigger problem!

Maybe if we started making more educated shopping choices, some of these problems would go away?

After all, the almighty dollar has a lot of power!

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