Gerald F. Seib’s article in the WSJ is insightful and useful to help us achieve our common goal of freedom in America as detailed in my article, We The People and my blog: USA Integrity-Freedom.

Seib states, “Economic stress has a way of bringing underlying tensions and suppressed emotions to the surface, for people and nations alike. That’s certainly true for the U.S., where economic anxiety tends to bubble up in three related forms: isolationism, protectionism and anti-immigration sentiment.”

He explains this anxiety is revealed most prominently in the debates over the Arizona Immigration Law, specifically, the isolation within American boarders and active and passive protectionism to limit free-trade and the flow of investment across America’s borders.

The tendency to isolate and protect our self-interests out of fear will only feed the anxiety and maintain the policies and procedures that have gotten us to where we are today.

Let us resist the temptation to isolate and use this opportunity to shine the light on how we form opinions, and the soundness of the facts to support the opinions we hold.

It is my greatest hope that all Americans will use their voice to demand that justice is served to avoid the same mistakes in the future.  I present my case Riley v. US Bancorp, et al as the sentinel or guard over the public good because that is the way our founders intended it to be.

Our republic is dependent on the people not just in our government but also in all organizations that operate within our borders.  Our Courts are the final check to the balance of power and, therefore, even the appearance of violations in our judicial system should shock the conscience of every American.

We can get bogged down in the enormity of all the problems we face today, or we can let one case show how discrimination and oppression has played a pivotal role in our economy throughout our history.

Let us stand together on Wednesday, August 18, 2010.  Go to my article or blog linked above for details and forward to your friends, family, colleagues and employers to ensure our common goal of freedom is protected.

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