Local residents near a construction site in Cantonville, Maryland, have expressed concern over a natural rock formation at the site, which contains asbestos. Residents are worried that public health could be endangered through exposure to asbestos from the site, but the state and county appear to have washed their hands of the problem.

The report claims that the construction company ceased work when the discovery was made and has been carrying out testing at the site to check for contamination. Previously the company had been crushing the rock, making many residents concerned over the release of asbestos fibers and dust into the air.

Bill Clarke, from the Department of Environmental Protection and Resource Management, said: “Nobody knows exactly how to treat it because nobody knows … how it relates to construction. It shouldn’t be something the county should do, it should be something done at the state level. It would not be helpful to develop something hyper-local if it’s outside the county, too.”

A spokesperson from the Maryland Department of the Environment said: “I look at this as pretty much over. The company has stepped forward and is controlling the dust. We have worked with the community association and addressed their concerns; what we’ve done is what we felt we had to do for the betterment of public health.”

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